Mixed media abstract art
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New artwork added to Gallery

I wanted to share some artwork I added to my gallery page. Most of my pieces are mixed media and include a variety of mediums and /or collage.

Plates featuring mixed media artwork for MATS Bootcamp assignment
MATS Bootcamp assignment piece for May 2015 ‘Marine Mash up’

These first two pieces I created for Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells (MATS) Bootcamp ecourse this year. The plates were done for the May assignment for the Home Decor market ‘Marine Mash up, featuring a picture of a sea crustacean and then a patterned background behind.

If you are interested in Lilla’s Bootcamp course or any of her other courses you can find out more info here on her website. If you are an artist, you need to check out her courses! You will learn SO much, and I have only done Bootcamp so far! (I will do a post in the near future where I review Lilla’s Bootcamp course and share what I thought of it and what I learned, in the hope that it helps people).

Mixed media abstract art
‘Pattern Play’ mixed media patterned abstract art on paper

The piece above was one of two background pieces I created for the home decor plates. I used acrylic paint for the main background and then black ink pen and white gel pen for the detail on top.

Flower Collage mixed media on paper
Flower Collage mixed media on paper with background of printed vintage text

This piece was a personal piece I did as I wanted to experiment with using printed vintage text for the background, and then stamp ink pads and acrylic paint on top. As and when I create more personal pieces, I will add them to the gallery!


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