Make art that sells blog image
Lilla Rogers, MATS Bootcamp, mixed media

My artwork featured on Make Art That Sells blog!

So a few months ago, as part of the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp ecourse I was doing, we were asked to create a ‘Manifesto’ showing the things we had learned from the course and therefore how we could describe the course to someone else in visual means.

Make art that sells blog image

Each person who created art for this task, has had their work featured on the course website ( and recently it was my turn! I was super thrilled to see my work up there and kinda proud of myself 🙂 go me! Anyway you can see my submitted artwork below and by visiting their site here, plus loads of other brilliant pieces of artwork by other artists who took the course.

Make art that sells Ecourse Art manifesto by Nicola Anne Rowe
My submitted entry to the Make Art That Sells ‘Manifesto’ assignment, as part of the Bootcamp ecourse run by Lilla Rogers of Lilla Rogers Studio School

To find out more about Lilla’s amazing e courses, visit her website here and peruse her courses or just browse her blog. She has loads of really good inspiration, tips and advice for artists of all levels and abilities. You are bound to find something of use to you. Happy surfing!


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