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On entering the Make Art That Sells Global Talent Search 2015 (GTS)

So it’s August already and last month i signed up and entered Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. If you havent heard of Lilla Rogers before, check out her website and her online courses here. Ok, so I don’t expect for one second that I will get through to the second round (there are soooo many talented artists out there so I know it’s tough competition from the start), but I’m putting myself forward by just entering, well at least that’s how I’m thinking of it.

The Global Talent Search consists of three rounds and therefore three art assignments increasing with difficulty each time. Anyone who signs up can enter the first one. Then out of all the entries only 50 are chosen for the 2nd round and then just 6 are chosen for the 3rd and final round. Very hard odds! But exciting none the least. The deadline for artists to submit their entries if next Friday 28th August 2015, with the chosen 50 being announced a few days later.

I signed up not because I thought I would win (although that would be out of this world amazing!!!) but mainly because I wanted to challenge myself, learn a ton and do another professional level assignment from an amazing art agent, plus you get lots of trend info to inform your art too. Very cool!

We are not allowed to post any of the info from the assignment online, and I’m waiting until after the deadline to post any images of my artwork (for sensible reasons), so I have posted a couple of images from previous competition years below. The GTS Global Talent Search only runs once a year so if you missed it this year, there is always next year, plus Lilla runs her popular Bootcamp course starting next in March 2016 for those wanting professional level assignments, but at a relaxed and slow pace. More info on that here.

Tara Lilly Global Talent Search art assignment entry 2014
Tara Lilly -Global Talent Search Grand Prize Winner 2014. Image copyright of See more of Tara’s work on her website at


Zoe Ingram Global Talent Search Winner 2013
Zoe Ingram Global Talent Search Winner 2013. Image copyright of See more of Zoe’s work on her website
Flora Waycott Global Talent Search 2014. Image copyright of


Hopefully this has made you want to find out more info or at the very least follow along to see who makes it through each round. The initial 50 people who are lucky enough to make it through the 1st round- their entries and names will be posted on Lilla’s blog so check that out soon! Fingers crossed for everyone who enters (including myself)……..


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