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‘Make Art That Sells’ GTS (Global Talent Search) 2015 Entry submission

So the deadline has now passed for this years art submissions to Lilla Rogers GTS Global Talent Search (Fri 28th August), but the wait is now on to find out who has made it and who hasn’t. The 50 people who have made it to the semi-final will find out this Friday 4th September. The semi finalists will then have a second assignment in which to complete and submit in only ten days this time, so the pressure is on!

I certainly don’t expect to get through the first round, though I have had fun and enjoyed the process so far. If I do get through I would be shocked beyond belief and a little scared at doing a second (and harder) assignment, but I would definitely not shy away from having a go 🙂 Below you can see my submission. The theme for the first assignment was to design a pattern for some ‘Sneakers’. unfortunately we are not allowed to give out anymore information than that! If you want to know more about Lilla’s GTS course or browse her other courses (Home Décor and her well known and respected ‘MATS A/B courses.


GTS Global Talent Search 2015 entry for Lilla Rogers competition
GTS Global Talent Search 2015 entry for Lilla Rogers competition


close up shot of GTS entry for this years competition
Close up shot of my GTS 2015 entry


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the MATS courses, the ‘MATS’ word simply stands for ‘Make Art That Sells’, with Lilla providing an A and B course. The A course covers 5 markets -bolt fabric, home décor, children’s books, wall art, gift, and B covers 5 other markets – paper, baby/children’s apparel & décor, scrapbooking, editorial, party paper. These courses are hugely popular and Lilla herself considers them to be the ‘Cheat Sheet’ as she puts it. If you are serious about making a career out of your art, whatever that may be and whatever medium or style you have, these courses are for you. More info can be found here.


Have a great week everyone!

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