Surface pattern design

Creating my 1st surface pattern design collection

So I have set myself the task of creating my first collection of pattern designs in the hope that one day I can use them to approach companies with and license my designs. I know this is going to take me quite a while, and for me I always want things sooner rather than later (I’m impatient at best). This is a true test of my patience, perseverance and inner strength to keep going. It would be so much easier to just give up! But I don’t want to do that. I want to see if I can do this.

Pattern design sketches
This is how I start. I draw out my designs onto a5 paper and create a ‘repeat tile’. That way i can see how the repeat will look after I have duplicated it a couple of times onto a4 paper. Sometimes I will thicker the lines.
Pattern collection sketches
For each pattern, I put the bits of paper etc into a clear polypocket for easy finding later, plus it keeps all of my designs together safely.
This photo shows a selection of my patterns. I may tweak them a bit yet before finishing and I have no idea at present on my colour palette. I’m not worrying about that yet!

So most evenings I now spend at least a couple of hours on the iPad drawing over my sketches in an art app called iDraw. I simply draw over my sketches and then send it as a pdf via email to myself, and then import into Illustrator to finish with and create the repeat pattern, add colours, sizing etc. I have a couple of designs on the computer waiting for me to get around to completing, so to create a whole collection of 8-12 designs in 2-3 colour ways, may take me a long time. It’s a good job I’ve already started then! Wish me luck……

I will share my progress as I go along in the hope that it may be useful to someone else doing pattern design

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