Flower print
Fabric collection, iPad, Surface pattern design

How to use an iPad to create patterns for a fabric collection

So this week I have been busy redrawing over my sketches from my initial pencil work in an iPad app called iDraw. It’s quite a simple program but perfect for what I need it for.

Birdhouse & flower print.

I take a picture of my sketches with the camera on the iPad and then set this as the background image once in the program. I then redraw over my art work, editing bits i like or dislike as I go. This takes quite  a while to do, but means that I can create my initial vector artwork without having to sit at the main computer for hours on end. Instead I can sit on the sofa with a nice cup of tea!

Leaf pattern on iPad

Leaf pattern no.2. It's easy to duplicate the drawn motifs in the app, making it faster to complete the pattern.

So after I have finished drawing over my motifs, I email the document as a PDF to myself which I can then open in either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw (personally I favour CorelDraw). When I’m at this stage, it’s about half way through although there is still loads to do after this with adding the layers, deciding on a colour scheme/palette, resize and/or rotate motifs, change or add texture and lines to areas to add variety and tweak any other areas I’m not happy with- just to name a few!

Ladybird printThere is so much to creating a collection, that its impossible to discuss it all here (maybe one day I will write a book about it…..) For now, I’m happy creating my designs and seeing them come to life from my pencil sketches. I’m hoping to get some designs completed totally in the next few months so i can start compiling my collection together and then send out to prospective companies.


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