Flower and leaf doodles

Free doodling using leaf and flower shapes as inspiration

The other day I grabbed some white printer paper and a black biro and just ‘doodled’ using some of my favourite go to flower and leaf shapes. I tried to be free and just draw what came to me, in a bid to unlock some creativity . It feels so good to not know what you are meant to be drawing as it frees up your mind to think about other things like, “shall I add some lines here” ….”or maybe a circle there”.

As tou you can see from my doodles, there are plenty of circular inspired shapes in there (I’m obsessed with circles, I don’t really know why, I just am!). The more circles the better. Now I want to use these drawings to turn them into a mixed media piece of art. The question is what though? Shall I use just one element of my sketches or several? Shall i try to create a repeating pattern out of my sketches? Shall I try to develop one of my motifs somehow? Sometimes it’s best not to question and just go with your instincts.

Flower and leaf doodles

Flower and leaf doodles

At the moment I’m just happy to see where this takes me. I may use my sketches for future pieces, I may not (just yet) but either way I have had fun creating and doodling and destressing.


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