Thumbnail sketches of phrase
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How to Hand Letter a short phrase from beginning to end- part 1

Part 1

This week I have been delving into a Skillshare class called First Steps to Hand Lettering taught by Mary Kate McDevitt. I will be splitting this post into 2 smaller posts, rather than having one long post. You can view my other Skillshare post here.

After an introduction on hand lettering and some do’s and dont’s for beginners, we were asked to come up with a phrase under 10 words. It could be anything but ideally something personal that would mean something to us. I came up with the phrase ‘Create magic and show to the world’.

The ‘magic’ part for me refers to my art, so it is a reminder to myself that in order to be noticed I must first put my art ‘out there’ in the scary world 🙂 Then it was time to write down some key words to do with the phrase we had chosen.

Words associated with my text phrase

After jotting some words down, I drew some small thumbnail sketches. Nothing too detailed, just quick rough drawings, showing the main elements only.

The aim of the class is to produce a phrase that could be applied to either; a print, book cover, poster, packaging, ad campaign, greeting card etc so hopefully when I have decided on the final layout for my phrase, I will be able to pick an application of what I think it best suits. At this stage I’m thinking possibly a  greeting card or book cover, but I may yet change my mind!

Thumbnail sketches of phrase

Thumbnail sketches of phrase

Once all the thumbnails were drawn, next it was time to move on to some larger sketches. This time we were asked to take the main parts we liked and incorporate them into a bigger sketch. We could do several larger sketches, as this was still the exploring stage and so plenty of time left to finalize a design.

Large thumbnail sketch

Pencil sketch text phrase

Here I am just trying out the bits I like.

Pencil sketch text phrase

So this is as far as I have got this week. I’m hoping to put aside some more time next week so I can finish the sketching part and then get onto the fun part of inking it and making it finished. I’m hoping when I have finished the design to put it onto a notebook. That way every time I write in it, I will be reminded (by myself) to keep going and put my work ‘out there’ for others to see.


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