Flower sketches
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Skillshare surface pattern design class

Just last week I finished off a Skillshare class I have been taking, called ‘Simplified pattern design‘ by Shelley Seguinot. Shelley is an experienced designer herself so I was really eager to learn some tips of the trade, and she made the class very engaging and easy to follow.

You can see below my initial sketches for my pattern design, with my inspiration being taken from nature and woodland flowers.

Flower sketches

Some close-ups of my sketches are shown below.

Flower sketch

I just started by drawing some wild flowers from a library book and focussed on capturing the main elements of the flower.

Wild flower sketch


I didn’t include all of my sketches, so I had plenty of drawings to pick from in which to make my pattern design.

Flower sketch


The flower above I like because it’s a little more unusual than other flowers I had drawn. I added my own style by drawing some dashed lines and some ‘buds’ lower down the stem.

Flower sketch

The aim of the pattern design class, was to create a notecard to be able to print (if you wanted to) in at least two colour ways, although to show your work in Illustrator or Photoshop was enough. I opted to do mine in illustrator, so you can see my finished design below.

I also wanted to use an image or photograph in which to take my colours from, and I came across a really good colour palette from Design-seeds.com

Colour palette

I absolutely LOVE the coral colour with the tan and chocolate.

surface pattern design

Surface pattern design flowers

The darker chocolate version above, and the lighter coffee coloured version below. The lighter version, there are a few areas that I didn’t colour correctly, of which you can probably see, but hey, im still learning!

Surface pattern design flowers

I really like the darker chocolate colour palette. I enjoyed taking my colours from the photo shown above by Design-seeds.com. They have LOADS of colour inspiration, so for anyone who loves colour, be sure to check out their site. I guarantee you will be immersed in it! I could spend all afternoon just browsing the images they have……

I hope you do check out the links above for DesignSeeds and Skillshare, they are both great resources. Enjoy!



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