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Spring themed Surface Pattern design Skillshare class by Elizabeth Olwen Part 1

Today marks the start of Elizabeth Olwen’s Skillshare class. I took her class a while back, but now she is offering her past students the chance to re-study the same class but with a twist…… to create a spring inspired pattern. I couldn’t refuse! So I signed up straight away.

Over the weekend I created a spring moodboard (with images from Google) and set about doing some quick sketches to capture what I felt spring was like. I wanted to put loads of things in there like; blossom, leaves, tulips, daffodils, easter eggs, chicks, butterflies, ladybirds, rain, sunshine, seedlings, gardening tools, frogs, birds, plant pots etc. It will be a complex pattern that’s for sure, especially if I include all the things I have initially drawn!

You can see my moodboard below.

spring moodboard


My sketches:



spring drawings sketches


spring drawings sketches


I’m planning on re-drawing some of the sketches so I can add more detail to them, but for now i’m happy where I have got to. Next I need to watch the videos in class, make notes, and then draw some more!

I throughly recommend Elizabeth’s Skillshare class for anyone wanting to know more about pattern design. She teaches her subject well and is very knowledgeable and inspiring. You can check her class out here, or alternatively view her website and all of her gorgeous work and her blog.

If anyone has taken her classes in the past, or better yet is taking the Spring themed class now, please leave a comment below and introduce yourself!

I shall aim to post the next part of my journey from this pattern design class soon. Until then, have a great week!


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