WATERING CAN mock up spring pattern
mixed media

Spring themed surface pattern design on mock ups Part 2

This post shows my finished spring pattern design I did from Elizabeth Olwen’s Skillshare class called ‘Creating Inspiring repeats’. You can read part one here of my journey towards this finished pattern.

So in my last post I shared my initial sketches and my moodboard from which I would draw my inspiration. After drawing up my icons /motifs I then moved into illustrator to put the ’tile’ together and form my repeat pattern. This for me is still very new and I’m learning sooooo much as I go along. It’s a great way of learning, although I guess it’s not for everyone! For me I enjoy learning as I’m ‘doing’.

You can see my finished repeat pattern below along with some mock-up designs I did to show what the pattern would look like. This is so additive, but lots of fun too!

spring theme repeat pattern

Here is a close up of the design:

spring theme repeat pattern


And then lastly the pattern shown on some spring/garden mock-up objects.

CUP mock up spring pattern GARDEN TOOLS mock up spring pattern WATERING CAN mock up spring pattern


I hope this inspires you to make your own pattern or to have a go at creating some mock-up designs. It’s wonderful to see your designs come to life on products!

If you are looking for a pattern design class aimed at just that- putting patterns onto products, I throughly recommend Elizabeth Olwen’s Skillshare class called  especially ‘Bring your Artwork to life on Patterns’. Elizabeth also has another Skillshare class titled ‘A Creative look at a Full Pattern Collection’ where she discusses how to put a fabric pattern collection together and what you need to do to make that happen.

Both classes are really good, and anyone interested in pattern designs would love them, I know I did 🙂

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