mixed media
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Mixed media abstract high contrast piece

I wanted to share this piece with you this we that I recently finished. This has been a piece that I have done without any plan of where I wanted it to end up. It’s a lot more complex and higher contrast than some of my pieces, but I’m liking the bright colours! Hopefully you will too!

mixed media drawing

Once drawing was complete, I started adding colour using coloured pencils.

mixed media abstract

I started by just adding colours I liked with my coloured pencils (I use Faber Castell Polychromos for anyone interested, they are GORGEOUS to work with and waterproof too).

mixed media abstract

Next I added some colour to the background using watercolours and then lastly I added some black and white details with ink/gel pens. This is the part I love!

I don’t really have a certain ‘orientation’ for the piece, I think you can have it whatever way you want 🙂 That the beauty of abstracts I guess. You can see the design below as portrait and landscape layouts. Which is best??

abstract mixed media

abstract mixed media

And then a close up of the design so you can see the detail.

abstract mixed media

Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing this design come together. I hope it inspires you to get your art supplies out and have a go at an abstract piece. Sometimes, it’s nice to not know what the piece is meant to look like!

4 thoughts on “Mixed media abstract high contrast piece”

  1. Hello! Thanks for your kind words, its always lovely to hear that someone likes my work 🙂 I have used a few different white pens in the past but I currently use (and LOVE) using the Pentel ‘Hybrid 1.0mm ball medium’ pen. The ink flows really nicely and smooth, works well over black ink and seems to last ages!! Having used black & white pens to create contrast for quite a while now, i would strongly suggest that if you’re wanting to do the same- that you let any black ink pen areas dry throughly overnight, or at the very least for several hours. Your white details will be SO much crisper and whiter if you do. Trust me, I have learnt this from costly experiences! If you do have a go with the white pen, i would love to see 🙂 best wishes, Nicola

  2. i see only portions of your image in question. or i’m missing something. so far i think it is gorgeous. you are very creative…

    1. Hi, thank you for your kind words! As for the images showing a portion, i’m not sure what’s going on there! I posted a couple of images showing the full piece of artwork towards the bottom of the post, which hopefully is visible, so at least you can see the finished piece 🙂

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