Mixed media
mixed media

New botanical inspired mixed media work in progress

I wanted to share a new mixed media piece that I’m currently working on. I’m aiming to have a watercolour effect background with coloured pencils and black & white ink pen details for the main image/flowers/leaves etc.

Drawing the design

For the design, I didn’t have much of a plan as to ‘what’ exactly I wanted to draw, but rather I just drew elements that I thought would look good together and complement each other and that I enjoy drawing. This was one of those ‘trust your instincts’ kind of thing. Sometimes its works out, sometimes it doesn’t! Thankfully today, I’m happy with the design so then I moved onto colouring.

Floral leaves sketch

Adding colour

This is by far my favourite part of creating art…..adding colour!!! I love seeing the design come to life and just, well, looking better than in pen ink alone. Plus I usually have a few ideas about what colours will look good for the background at this point, although it can always change as I go along.

Mixed media

Mixed media drawing

Mixed media drawing

The full design

Mixed media drawing

I’m busy working on getting this piece finished…so i will add the finished piece to another blog post when its done. Until then, have fun creating!


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