Watercolour paint set
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Watercolour Typography quote for Skillshare project

I have been continuing with my Skillshare classes and I have just started a new project using watercolour paints to create a custom set of typography letters to then use for the project which is to create a personal quote from the letters.

Watercolours typography letters skillshare project

I’m currently studying a class on Skillshare called ‘Design a Watercolour Alphabet’ by Amarilys Henderson. She has three other classes available to study, check them out here.

My quote is going to be ‘The future is going to be awesome if you put the work in’. This is very personal to me as it is a reminder that in order to make things happen in your life, you need to put the work in. So im planning on creating my quote from the watercolour letters im producing, to then put somewhere prominent that I will see regularly.

Artist Watercolour paints set

Above is my messy watercolour paint set!

Watercolour typography letters skillshare project

I have created about half of my letters so far, with the other letters to be of a similar colour (a mixture of red, orange and yellow).

Then when I’m done, I will scan them into the computer and vectorize (so then I can edit them, change the colours etc). After all the letters have been scanned and tweaked, I will then attempt to put my quote together.




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