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Amazing mixed media work from Golden Colour artist Chris Cozen

I discovered a new artist this week while doing some research into acrylic painting techniques and I really wanted to share this artists work with you as I think her art is simply gorgeous.  She isn’t new in the sense that she has just started making art, in fact she has been making art for a long time now, but rather that she is new to me. Though I am totally loving her style, use of colour, composition, textures, line, pattern, so on and so on………….

Therefore without me blabbing on, please enjoy the visual delights of her work below. I’m sure you will agree that her art is lovely. You can view her blog here or purchase her books on Amazon here (I have one currently on order, that I’m totally excited about it arriving soon!). Or alternatively you can view some short preview videos of her creating art at Artists network here, or view the Youtube video below showing her working.

Below are images of just some of her art that I love (and think you will too).

Copyright Chris Cozen
Copyright Chris Cozen

I am in total love with all the texture and pattern that Chris creates in her art. I just want to ‘touch’ all the different bits of paper and collage and paint!

Copyright Chris Cozen
Copyright Chris Cozen

The image above is my favourite, all those juicy colours!!!! Hmmmm 🙂

Copyright Chris Cozen

Chris Cozen currently has some dvd’s available for purchase from the North light shop, which you can view here. I believe some of her videos you can download instantly from the website, although please double-check before doing so, just in case it has changed since me writing this post. Enjoy!

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