Black white abstract doodles
Abstract, doodles

Black and white abstract art doodles

I wanted to try out using white gel pen on black card, as I always love the contrast that black and white gives you. So I bought some black card from an art shop and started doodling to see what I could create, but more importantly did I like it? Well…….yes and no.

Black white abstract doodles

I love contrast and white pen on a black background gives you plenty of it, but, as much as I like it, I also miss the colour. Colour gives it a ‘feeling’ or ‘mood’, and it’s hard to create that with only two colours. So to give my illustration a bit more interest, I made some of the lines thick and some thin. Other areas I added lots of texture and lines, whereas others I left quite plain and empty. I’m hopeful that this will help the artwork to stand out and provide plenty of interest.

Black white abstract doodles

Black white abstract doodles

Please feel free to leave a comment below! This is a new type of art for me so it would be great to hear everyone’s thoughts. Have you done this type of art yourself? If so let us know by leaving a comment on this post. I love hearing about other people’s art and their tips or suggestions. Afterall this helps us all, so don’t be shy 🙂

I’m hoping to add some more details in white before adding some black pen details here and there. Then it will be finished!

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