gouache painting art palette paints
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Gouache and acrylic paint play

This week I have been experimenting with both acrylic and gouache paint. I am quite experienced using acrylic, but not so with gouache. As you will see from my experimenting below (bottom photo), I clearly need some more practise as I’m sure the paint isn’t meant to look like it has sand in it!

acrylic brush pen black paints colour pastels art

I didn’t have any plan of what I was trying to aim for, but rather just went with what I ‘felt’ like creating with the paints.

gouache painting art palette paints

I had great fun playing around on black paper as the colours shown up really nicely. I used a set of gouache paints from ‘The Works’ shop, which cost around £3.00. This for me was good, as I didn’t want to spend a lot if I ended up not liking gouache paints.

gouache paints circles experimenting colour bright

The photo above shows my attempt at using gouache but clearly I need to keep practising as the lighter colours look very ‘grainy’ like they have sand in there somewhere. I think I probably didn’t mix the colours properly.

I hope you have more success with gouache painting than I have had! As with most artist materials, there is more skill involved than what you think….


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