Keren Duchan online class Doodle art skillshare

Skillshare online class Doodle Art Basics by Keren Duchan

This week I enrolled myself in a Skillshare class online called ‘Doodle Art: Basics and Beyond’ taught by Keren Duchan. Keren is a very talented doodlier/ skilled artist who loves to create. In her class she shows you how she goes about using simple lines and shapes to create her work.

Below is a screenshot of her online class- please note- it is just an image and therefore doesn’t play!

Keren Duchan online class Doodle art skillshare

Head on over to the Skillshare website to sign up for her class, or alternatively you can sign up for 3 months for just 0.99 cent (not sure exactly how much that is in pence, but its only about 70p or so). Not much for 3 months! You are then free to view any classes you want and as long as you cancel before the 3 months is up, you wont be charged any additional costs. To take advantage of this offer, visit Skillshare here.

You can view Keren’s class here or alternatively visit her on instagram here or her blog here.

I havent yet got around to creating any ‘doodles’, nor have I completed the pdf worksheet as part of the class project, but when I do, I will be sure to share on my instagram profile, and most probably put into a blog post too.

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