Abstract, black & white, floral, shapes

New Floral Abstract & Geometric Black & White patterned illustration

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a new piece of artwork with you that I have recently finished.  I believe I posted an image of this piece in progress on my instagram account a few weeks ago (which you can view here) but finally I have finished it and I have to say (unusually, I actually quite like it!). It normally takes a lot longer for me to like something, as to begin with I have lots of self-doubt and worry about adding too much detail, or not enough, but this one I just went with and didn’t worry about making mistakes (something else I worry about).

The finished piece in black ink pen on thick white cartridge paper.

Below is a photo I took in progress which I shared a few weeks ago, you can read this earlier post here. I share a few other pics of other pieces of black & white art too.

Nicola Rowe Designs floral abstract leaves doodle zentangle art black white ink pen
In progress shot. I haven’t thickened up too many lines at this stage. I concentrate more on putting in the main design first.

The piece is not my usually ‘type’ of art in that it’s certainly not mixed media and there are not lots of colours to gaze upon, but having been in a black & white ‘phase’ for a few months now, this is a pleasing and refreshing piece of art for me. I really enjoy the way you can totally change the way a piece of art looks just by thickening up some lines or adding a few details or some pattern and shapes.

I hope you enjoy the art and at the very least it has given you something to enjoy looking at. It is my hope that I can create a few more black & white pieces so I have a small selection in which to upload and provide on products to sell at Society6 and Red Bubble in the future.

I hope to see some of you over on my instagram soon!

Have a good week everyone 🙂

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