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‘Woman with Botanical & Floral hair’ new ink drawings

Hello everyone, I wanted to share some new drawings I have done this week. I am trying out a (slightly) new direction in terms of my drawing and art, but a technique I have previously had a go at but dismissed in the past.

I call it ‘Botanical patterned hair  or Botanical head-dress’. It basically covers all things botanical i.e flowers, leaves, twigs, berries, vines etc, as these seem to be the main elements I’m using in my art at the moment. I hope you will take a moment to have a look and be inspired to have a go yourself.

It’s very addictive once you get going!

This is the beginning stage of my drawing, although the eyes didn’t feel ‘right’ for the image I was wanting to create that’s in my head, so i knew i had to practise drawing some eyes in my sketchbook.


Here is my ‘eye’ drawing in my sketchbook. My plan is to scan my finished artwork with the floral hair into the pc and also scan the eyes that i think will look good and turn it all into vector art. Then I will replace the eyes I like and take out the ones I don’t, and hopefully it will look much better!


I’m currently working on thickening up my lines and adding details in etc, but as soon as I’m finished I will post here on the blog. Alternatively you can check out my instagram for daily updates and to see more eye candy and general visual goodies. Hope to see you there  soon 🙂


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