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Botanical zendoodle art hair woman

Hello folks! This week I have been trying out a new direction in terms of style. Well, it’s not completely new……..I first tried out this style a few years back but never really took it very far. So this week I have made a return to the botanical /zendoodle/floral/leaves style hair. I was inspired to try this out again after creating some other mixed media work with watercolours and acrylics and craft rollers/stamps etc and then using black ink pen  and white gouache paint on top.

So off I went on an adventure to create this semi-new style of art for myself. I’m quite pleased with the results, although I have plenty left to play around and tweak here and there, but the image at the bottom shows the near-finished piece.

The first stage (after creating the mixed media background) was to draw on my design using waterproof black ink pen.
Next, i masked out the areas i wanted in white using white gouache paint. Here I have used Winsor & Newton, but you can use any make you like, or just some white acrylic paint, although do a test piece first, as when acrylic drys because it is plastic, some black ink pens won’t go over the top of it and will ‘smear’ very easily.
Beginning to do some work on the face using coloured soft pastel pencils and thickening up the black lines here and there.
Adding more detail to the design and more white areas with the gouache paint.
Near completion now…… just a few details left to do now like some facial details (eyelashes etc).

If you want to keep updated with progress on this design and many more, be sure to visit my instagram page and follow me 🙂 or click the image below to go straight over to instagram.



I hope to see you over on instagram soon! Until then, have a great week 🙂

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