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‘Keep Growing’ FREE pdf illustration coming soon!

This week I am in denial that Christmas is fast approaching and I haven’t done anything yet! eek……… so I have been drawing and trying to focus on being positive (since all this grey, rainy weather I enough to dampen most people’s mood in damp November).

Therefore I came up with this little drawing. I like the phrase ‘Keep Growing’ as it’s a simple yet powerful reminder that as artists (or any profession really) that we have to keep growing in order to fulfil our potential and do the things that we want to, especially if we have dreams that we really want to achieve in the future.


As posted on instagram a few days ago.


So it is my hope that in the next couple of weeks I will have this drawing (and hopefully a couple of others) scanned into the pc and tweaked etc so I can offer them as a downloadable pdf freebie for you, my followers! keep tuned for more updates, as and when I finish them.

I post pretty much every day on Instagram, so be sure to follow me if you want to be in the know, and not miss out on these. I know people will be scooping them up quickly 🙂

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