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Black Zentangle doodle artwork on Society6 tote bag

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you a black zentangle inspired design I completed recently. Below you can see some in progress shots and I’m happy with how the finished design looks.

Black line zentangle doodle abstract flowers leaves pattern

Black line zentangle doodle flowers leaves abstract pattern linesBlack line art zentangle doodles abstract leaves flowersAfter finishing the design I wanted to upload it onto the Society6 website to see how it would look on a tote bag, since they are super cool and practical too!

Society6 tote bag Nicola Rowe designs 2016 artwork black zentangle doodle

For anyone wishing to purchase this bag or view more info click here to head over to Society6. I’m hoping in 2017 to add more of my artwork on the site to be able to offer on products. If there are any products that you would really like to see my art on, or have any suggestions please leave a comment to this post below. I truly appreciate each and every comment I get! So please don’t be shy 🙂


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