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MATS Assignment Bootcamp 2017 kicks off!

I hadn’t intended to sign up for the course but thought “why not?!”. I did the course in 2015 and loved it, and of course as with most ecourses, it has improved over time, and this year is no exception.


To get more info on this course (and others) please visit Lilla’s website here.

If you are an artist whether it’s just an occasional hobby or you are a top professional with years of experience, you can and will learn a lot from this ecourse. All abilities and levels are welcomed and supported.

When I signed up in 2015, I had been a hobbyist artist for a few years then, and while I make more art more frequently now, I am still not a “professional” in that sense as (depending on your personal definition), for me professional means having sold your artwork to companies and having a regular income and jobs from it etc.

For anyone wanting more info please visit Lilla’s website to read more about her courses (I guarantee you will be on her site a while as you peruse all the gorgeous images and amazing insight info).

Mats make art that sells ecourse banner

To keep up todate on all the wondefful drawings and sketches and beautiful artwork that is produced by myself and others get on over to instagram! Be sure to check out the main hashtags #makeartthatsells #matsbootcamp2017

If you wish to follow along with my own progress, please visit me on instagram here.

Right, now im off to start work on this months mini assignment, it’s going to be good!…….

Hope to see you on instagram 🙂

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