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Gouache painted roses

This month’s assignment theme for the Make Art That Sells ecourse is ‘Roses’ so I wanted to start off by keeping the shapes simple.

Gouache painted roses

I used gouache paints thinned slightly with water and painted some simple flat 2d shapes. Once dry, I then started adding details over the top of the roses using a white gel pen. This may seem strange to some people, although to me I LOVE pattern and all the intricacies that the lines etc provide. For me, it just makes it more interesting!

Gouache painted roses

Anyway, this is my starting point, so may change as I evolve my design. The plan is to use the roses theme to then create a journal cover. How exciting!!! I cannot wait. I think I would enjoy creating art for the gift market (which includes journals and SO much more…..).

Gouache painted roses

My favourite part shown below…..adding pattern and lines etc with a white gel pen.

Gouache painted roses white gel pen pattern

Well that’s as far as I have got to date. Follow along with my progress and daily visual inspiration over on instagram here. 

I hope to see you there!



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