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New bright abstract artwork

Hello everyone! My sincere apologises for the lack of posts recently. Having moved house in the summer, all of my art materials have been packed away in boxes for some time…..

Thank fully I am now slowly unpacking them and hope to get back into posting.

This is a piece I completed this week. I have used Turner Acryla Gouache paints from Jacksons Art Supplies (there prices are super competitive). These paints are pretty new to me but I am enjoying the creamy consistency and lovely matte colour as well as the bright, bold colours they have. The paints are not re-wettable once dry and are great for putting ink pens over the top of them afterwards (that’s why i went for these rather than normal acrylic paints).

abstract art in progress

artwork in progress photo

artwork abstract in progress

Adding white ink pen detail with POSCA pens

1.close up detail of finished artwork piece 2.close up detail of finished artwork piece 3.close up detail of finished artwork 4.close up detail of finished artwork

The finished piece shown below.

Finished abstract piece By Nicola Rowe

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my bright artwork. Join me over at Instagram for more juicy pics of my current art in progress, or just say hi 🙂 I’d love to see you there.



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