Pre-Order Art Prints

Pre-Order your art prints here!

I am currently in the process of having some printed proofs done on a variety of my paintings. As soon as I have received all of these back, and I’m happy with the quality etc (I have HIGH standards!), I will open them for pre-ordering. I am hoping to have the proofs finished and ready to be printed by the end of August 2019.

These will be printed onto high quality, acid-free, museum quality paper by the Award Winning company dStudio ( ). I am also hoping to have these prints listed in my new NuMonday shop online soon, click on the following link, although as yet, the shop isn’t ‘officially’ open yet……  

I have never made art prints of my work available to date, so grab the opportunity to own a gorgeous vibrant print from yours truly! 🙂 Plus I will be hand signing and dating ALL of my prints, as well as each print having a Certificate of Authenticity, so you can be assured that the print is of my work and is very high quality. I pride myself on my high standards and would NEVER post out any print that I wouldn’t be happy to receive myself.

I will post more details here as/when I have some updates to announce. You can also stay informed by checking out my Instagram feed here.  See you over there! 🙂