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My best nine images of 2016 from Instagram

A lot of folks over on instagram have a yearly thing where they post their best nine images from the year. So in the spirit of things I wanted to share my best nine (just search for #bestnine over on instagram to see everyone's lovely work). Below are a couple of videos from YouTube that… Continue reading My best nine images of 2016 from Instagram

Abstract mixed medi canvas board
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New abstract mixed media art on canvas board

Happy new year to you! I hope you all had an enjoyable and peaceful christmas. Hello 2017 ­čÖé I wanted to share a new piece of art that I┬áhave been working on in the last few days. It is a slightly new direction art wise for me, as I┬áhave used flat 2d solid shapes. For… Continue reading New abstract mixed media art on canvas board

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Gouache and acrylic paint play

This week I have been experimenting with both acrylic and gouache paint. I am quite experienced using acrylic, but not so with gouache. As you will see from my experimenting below (bottom photo), I clearly need some more practise as I'm sure the paint isn't meant to look like it has sand in it! I… Continue reading Gouache and acrylic paint play

Mixed media art
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Abstract doodles with black ink pen

I created some acrylic backgrounds on card a while ago that I was unsure what to do with, but now I have found a use for them! I have used a black ink pen to create abstract 'doodles' and then I'm hoping to add some white gel pen details over the black. Next I started… Continue reading Abstract doodles with black ink pen

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Mixed media collage artwork

This week I have been working on a mixed media collage piece using a limited colour palette (something I usually find really hard to do!). I challenged myself to create a background using printed images of vintage text and then creating some artwork over the top. After printing off some vintage text onto white paper,… Continue reading Mixed media collage artwork

mixed media art
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Finished Mixed media abstract art

So here are my two pieces of mixed media art that I have created recently. I wanted to show what the completed artwork now looks like. Below is the second piece of mixed media art I have finished. I used black ink pen and a white gel pen to add details to the flowers and… Continue reading Finished Mixed media abstract art

mixed media art
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Patterned Mixed media background art pieces for MATS Bootcamp ecourse

Marine Plates for Home Decor assignment on MATS Bootcamp ecourse

mixed media art
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Mixed Media Art

New artwork I'm currently working on this month. The first one is an abstract piece created using acrylics and white gel pen for the detail.