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New bright abstract artwork

Hello everyone! My sincere apologises for the lack of posts recently. Having moved house in the summer, all of my art materials have been packed away in boxes for some time..... Thank fully I am now slowly unpacking them and hope to get back into posting. This is a piece I completed this week. I… Continue reading New bright abstract artwork

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Gouache painted roses

This month's assignment theme for the Make Art That Sells ecourse is 'Roses' so I wanted to start off by keeping the shapes simple. I used gouache paints thinned slightly with water and painted some simple flat 2d shapes. Once dry, I then started adding details over the top of the roses using a white gel pen. This… Continue reading Gouache painted roses

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Inspiration Thursday

Apologises to all my readers for my lack of posts recently. I have just moved house so I was without internet connection for a while, but thankfully all is now sorted! I would like to share some images which have inspired me in my art and art making recently and I hope they may inspire you too.… Continue reading Inspiration Thursday

Abstract mixed medi canvas board
Abstract, mixed media

New abstract mixed media art on canvas board

Happy new year to you! I hope you all had an enjoyable and peaceful christmas. Hello 2017 🙂 I wanted to share a new piece of art that I have been working on in the last few days. It is a slightly new direction art wise for me, as I have used flat 2d solid shapes. For… Continue reading New abstract mixed media art on canvas board

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Abstract artists that I love and want to share!

I wanted to share some images of artists work that I absolutely LOVE and I'm sure you will too. They need little introduction, as their work speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy and it gives you some inspiration to want to get creating! All of these images were taken from Pinterest, so I have… Continue reading Abstract artists that I love and want to share!

gouache painting art palette paints
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Gouache and acrylic paint play

This week I have been experimenting with both acrylic and gouache paint. I am quite experienced using acrylic, but not so with gouache. As you will see from my experimenting below (bottom photo), I clearly need some more practise as I'm sure the paint isn't meant to look like it has sand in it! I… Continue reading Gouache and acrylic paint play

Mixed media art
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Abstract doodles with black ink pen

I created some acrylic backgrounds on card a while ago that I was unsure what to do with, but now I have found a use for them! I have used a black ink pen to create abstract 'doodles' and then I'm hoping to add some white gel pen details over the black. Next I started… Continue reading Abstract doodles with black ink pen

Mixed media leaves
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Mixed media leaves artwork

I wanted to share a piece I completed recently. It is a mixed media piece of some leaves with the quote "Be Unique". I like this quote because it's a reminder to be 'yourself' when creating art and just create what it is that you, yourself like and not what other people like. A close… Continue reading Mixed media leaves artwork

watercolour calendar pages sample
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Create a watercolour calendar

This week I have been busy creating a 12 page calendar composed of watercolour images I have created myself. This is a project I put together from studying a Skillshare class by Amarilys Henderson 'Create Your Simple Watercolour Calendar' . Below is a thumbnail view of all the pages together. You can also see my project on Skillshare here.… Continue reading Create a watercolour calendar

Mixed media
mixed media

New botanical inspired mixed media work in progress

I wanted to share a new mixed media piece that I'm currently working on. I'm aiming to have a watercolour effect background with coloured pencils and black & white ink pen details for the main image/flowers/leaves etc. Drawing the design For the design, I didn't have much of a plan as to 'what' exactly I wanted to… Continue reading New botanical inspired mixed media work in progress

mixed media
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Mixed media abstract high contrast piece

I wanted to share this piece with you this we that I recently finished. This has been a piece that I have done without any plan of where I wanted it to end up. It's a lot more complex and higher contrast than some of my pieces, but I'm liking the bright colours! Hopefully you… Continue reading Mixed media abstract high contrast piece

burly bird mixed media slider image
mixed media

‘Burly Bird’ mixed media

I wanted to share a finished piece of mixed media that I initially made a while back, but I added some more details to it recently in the form of black and white gel pen details. I LOVE contrast and for me, black and white pens are the perfect way to achieve this. I created… Continue reading ‘Burly Bird’ mixed media

whimsical bird and girl mixed media illustration
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Mixed media whimsical girl and bird in progress

I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year! I have been spending this week sketching  out a whimsical girl and bird that I was inspired to do, after reading the 'Creative Girl' book by Danielle Donaldson, which I received as a Christmas present. First I started by rough sketching a girl onto plain… Continue reading Mixed media whimsical girl and bird in progress