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Abstract botanical black & white illustration

Hello everyone 🙂 I hope you have been having a good week. I have been busy working on some new designs in black ink pen (no surprise!!!) and I wanted to share my progress with you so far. This design isn't finished yet, but hopefully not far off now. To keep up to date with… Continue reading Abstract botanical black & white illustration

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‘Woman with Botanical & Floral hair’ new ink drawings

Hello everyone, I wanted to share some new drawings I have done this week. I am trying out a (slightly) new direction in terms of my drawing and art, but a technique I have previously had a go at but dismissed in the past. I call it 'Botanical patterned hair'  or 'Botanical head-dress'. It basically covers all things… Continue reading ‘Woman with Botanical & Floral hair’ new ink drawings

Nicola Rowe Designs floral abstract leaves doodle zentangle art black white ink pen
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Zentangle inspired floral black & white doodle art

I wanted to share some recent pieces of work I have started, that have been inspired by Zentangle doodle art.   As you can see they are all similar but also very different in their own way too. I used a black ink pen to design and then thicken up the lines/areas I wanted to… Continue reading Zentangle inspired floral black & white doodle art

Sketchbook drawing flowers leaves
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Sketchbook drawing & doodling

This week I have been drawing more in my sketchbook both for the enjoyment of drawing, but also to get my 'ideas' down on paper and just experiment with shapes and lines etc. As artists we all know we should draw more in a sketchbook, but sadly I don't do this very often and I'm pretty sure… Continue reading Sketchbook drawing & doodling

sketchbook drawing

Sketchbook drawing & experimenting with shapes

I wanted to share some images of my latest sketchbook drawing. In the UK this week, we have had some much needed sunshine and this has prompted me to draw some 'summery' flowers! Well I hope these little drawing will brighten up your week! Lets hope the sunshine continues for a bit longer.....

Flower and leaf doodles

Free doodling using leaf and flower shapes as inspiration

The other day I grabbed some white printer paper and a black biro and just 'doodled' using some of my favourite go to flower and leaf shapes. I tried to be free and just draw what came to me, in a bid to unlock some creativity . It feels so good to not know what… Continue reading Free doodling using leaf and flower shapes as inspiration

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Sketchbook geometric pattern

This week I have been watching some instructional art videos on Creativebug and one I particularly enjoyed was Lisa Congdon's 'Basic Line Drawing' class. So here is a little sketch I did after being inspired by her class. Lisa also has another class on Creativebug called 'Sketchbook Explorations' which is also very good. She goes… Continue reading Sketchbook geometric pattern